Research and Articles

Research Initiatives

The Reservation Business Sector

Information on businesses on reservations is scarce. The U.S. Census Bureau has the underlying information to create reservation business data. CICD Advisor Dick Todd has partnered with external scholars on a multiyear project to work inside the Census Bureau to create and analyze the first comprehensive set of reservation business data.

Reservation Consumer Finance

The Federal Reserve has detailed data on U.S. consumers, including samples of consumer credit histories, mortgage payment histories, and mortgage applications. Internally and in partnership with external scholars, we are using these data sources to provide new information about credit scores, credit usage, mortgage denials, and homeownership on reservations.

Mortality Rates in Counties with a High Reservation and American Indian Presence

In partnership with Research Director Sam Schulhofer-Wohl, we have identified a cluster of counties with both persistently high mortality rates and high shares of American Indian/Alaskan Native and reservation residents.

Analyzing the Occupational Structure of the American Indian/Alaska Native Population

In partnership with external scholars, we are analyzing how American Indian/Alaskan Native workers are distributed across occupational categories (relative to non-Hispanic Whites and other minorities) and how this relative distribution is related to educational attainment and other factors.